Delphine Anglo, President


Residence: France – Home country: Benin – Languages: French, English, Fon

  • Experienced Senior Risk Consultant at KPMG Paris
  • Delegate at the 20th Youth Assembly at the United Nations
  • Guest at World Bank/IMF 2016 Annual Meetings and I4A 2016 Summit – Related article published: «It’s all about dignity and prosperity for all »
  • Economic Expert at the Think Tank “L’Afrique des Idées”
  • Snd round participant of 2016 I4A Competition – Title of proposals: «Developing Business Culture for a Prosperous Cycle of Agriculture in Nigeria »
  • Certified in (World Bank MOOC) “Public Private Partnerships”; “Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development” and “Financing for Development”
  • Master’s degree in Finance; Bachelor in Economics; Bachelor in Business Law
  • Snd price of 2009 Beninese public speaking competition

Why Ideas for Action Africa?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) display a beautiful story about a beautiful world. Numerous? Yes they are! Ambitious? Yes, they seem! But they are definitely not unachievable…if all the key stakeholders play they role. Youth’s responsibility fails at the heart of every sustainability matter. The Ideas for Action Initiative is extraordinary unique and laudable in the way that it gives young people around the world the opportunity to have the seat they deserve at the table, with the floor to speak loud and to take impactful actions for a society for all.

Africa’s challenges are as many as real and require more than anytime, the full attention and involvement of youth. To me, grasping the outstretched hand of Idea for Action to get young people joining forces for African sustainable development, is not an option but a true need. This is the reason why I stood up to make Ideas for Action Africa, a truth.

My ambition for Ideas for Action Africa

Closing my eyes, dreaming of our world ten years later, I can surprise two people discussing warmly. They are attending the 10th Idea for Action Africa Summit, sharing their story along the way. I will (haphazardly) call them Tesikya from East Africa and Aour from North Africa. Tesikya participated to the 4th edition of I4A Competition after she get informed about the initiative through the first IdeaLab of Ideas for Action Africa Africa. Her team won the competition with the amazing ambition to combine sustainability, local culture and modern aspiration to design what they called the “villages of today & tomorrow”, focusing on SGD 11. Aour and his team mates were not among the winners of the 7th edition of I4A competition in with they participated. However he I4A Africa special committee found their proposals very captivating, the I4A Africa Team closely worked with them on improving the project presentation and putted them in relation with highly interested partners who helped them to get their idea implemented. The “villages of today & tomorrow” is now employing 25K+ people across Africa and in emerging countries worldwide. The group is very appreciated for his “green, local and modern” touch. Aour is travelling around the world, talking about the innovative partnership idea (SDG 17) his team drafted few years ago, which has become a universal model taught in top universities, political and business school. 

Opening my eyes, I can say: True, I am just having a dream but behind any great achievement, there was a dream, “foolish” or not. That is where we are going. The journey can be challenging but the view at top is promising for Africa. Ideas for Action Africa will be that channel which showcases and supports that voices, that hands, that youth who wake up to build the Africa we aspire to.

Favorite quote

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.

Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.” 

Nelson Mandela