The competition


Today’s youth will be responsible for implementing the newly adopted 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), approved by the UN in September 2015. The SDGs are an ambitious and transformative set of goals, covering a broad range of interconnected issues, from sustainable economic growth, to social issues, to global public goods. To realize this vision, a just-as-ambitious plan for financing and implementation is needed. The I4A initiative is intended to help catalyze a global conversation on financing and meeting SDGs, among young people in Africa and all around the world. Conversations happen virtually, over social media networks, and in person, and we hope that you will engage with others who share your passion for international development.

The I4A Competition, gives young people from all the world the opportunity to share their innovative ideas to finance and to meet the SDGs.

Idea for Action Africa strongly encourages and invites youth interested in African development to seize this opportunity to create a laboratory of innovative ideas for African continent and the world at large on SDGs, a strong network for young Africans who make Africa and most importantly, a united front acting for SDGs achievement in Africa.


The finalists and winners will be selected by a panel of academics and experienced development professionals from public and private sector institutions. Winners of the competition get the opportunity to:

  • Present their ideas at the joint Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group,
  • Receive support from a project incubator or accelerator team at the Wharton School, and
  • Benefit from unique networking opportunities with experts from international development, academia, and the private sector.

All the top proposals are consolidated in the annual I4A Book which is jointly published by the World Bank Group and the Wharton School, exposing the ideas to the potential investors, policy makers and decision makers.

Ideas for Action Africa ambitions to work on facilitating the improvement/implementation of the top interesting proposals related to Africa.