Omar Ibn Abdillah, V-P Francophone Africa


Residence: Madagascar – Home country: Comoros – Languages: French, English, Comorian, Malagasy

  • Junior Chamber International (JCI) Trainer
  • International Trainer for ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility
  • Founding member of the Lamha association: A youth association born in Comoros, for promotion of culture and the importance of African Youth in sustainable development, Installed in Madagascar and France
  • Economic Analyst at the Think Tank “L’Afrique des Idées”
  • Certified in “Introduction to the 2030 Agenda: A new Agenda for a Sustainable World” (by United Nations Institute for Training an Research) 
  • Certified in “Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution”, “Gender Perspectives in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations” (by Peace Operations Training Institute)
  • Certified in (YALI Network MOOC): “Business & Entrepreneurship”; “Civic Leadership”; and “Understanding Climate Change”
  • Certified in (Amnesty International MOOC): “International Human Rights”; “International Women’s Health and Human Rights” and “Psychology of Political Activism: Women Changing the World”
  • Master’s degree in International Policy, Diplomatic relationship; and also in Econometrics

Why Ideas for Action Africa?

As Africa citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities, as well as shared goals. Through active citizenship we encourage young people to take responsibility for the local challenges and find targeted, sustainable solutions that benefit our communities and the world. Motivated by the passion to transform their lives and the World, we must have the courage to address the critical challenges of our time. Then if you ask me why I have joined Ideas for Action Africa, I would say: It’s not a choice but as young active citizen we must act and then for me it’s a citizen duty. Ideas for Action Africa is the best project to empower young people by giving them the opportunity to create a global positive impact in themselves, in their communities and in Africa.

My ambition for Ideas for Action Africa

Young people today must commit themselves and challenge the easy life. Whether it’s through entrepreneurship, community action, young people will have to acknowledge their responsibility to the world and work together to raise awareness and set sustainable development goals. However, as youth, only, we can’t do much, so it is essential that the private and the public sector are involved in the integration of young people on the road to financing SDGs.

As member of Ideas for Action Africa, it will be my duty to share all the opportunities and trainings to help young Africans people transform one little idea to a great sustainable business project for positive impact. We’re proud to be a proponent of sustainable development, and we’re committed to work for the next 13 years for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. I really believe that we are the ambassadors of all Africa young who want to make Africa a region of peace and sustainable prosperity. Ideas for Action will be the initiative that unites all sectors of society -business, government and civil society- to create sustainable impact in Africa.

Favorite quote

“The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations and service to humanity is the best work of life. 
Stay Hungry, stay foolish and Be Better.”

Omar Ibn Adlillah