Nandjim Tchalla, V-P Institutional & Public Affairs


Residence: Benin – Home country: Benin – Languages: French, English, Nagot, Dioula

  • Commissioner for Political Affairs of the African Youth Commission (AYC), Addis-Ababa (AYC 2017-2019)
  • Head of the Youth Promotion department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Benin
  • Communicator, Consultant specializing in youth, development and African politics, Human rights activist
  • Founder of “Dynamique 30” for the civic and political engagement of young people (focus on SDGs and Agenda 2063 of the African Union)
  • Founding President of the African Youth Organization for the United States of Africa (OAJEUA)
  • Member of several youth associations in Africa including Youth Advisory Body of Benin (OCJ), ECOWAS Youth Council (EYC), ROJALNU-Benin
  • Some Prizes & Distinctions: the Benin Youth Oscars won in 2015 in the “Young Leader” category; the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2017 of the Junior Chamber International (JCI-Benin) in the Humanitarian and Voluntary Service category
  • Member of the 35 Young Leaders of Benin (promotion 2017) currently undergoing training at the Friedrich S. Ebert Foundation of Benin
  • Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations

Why Ideas for Action Africa?

Africa is the only one continent whose development will be enabled by the creativity of its youth. The continent has to take from its young people all the intellectual and intelligent resources they can offer, thanks to its demographic power. This, in every sector key to its development. This is why I commend, with a true respect, the Ideas for Action Africa Initiative which aims at stimulating and promoting the genius of African youth. Ideas for Action Africa, to let your potential blossom!

My ambition for Ideas for Action Africa

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted to improve people live, across the world by 2030. Africa has so much to do to achieve this goals. 40% of the world population will be young in 2050 and 80% of them will live in Africa. Even they are many year to go, African youth is already facing many issues such as unemployment, lack of livehood and insecurity. This situation forces us to find solutions meeting African current needs and, taking in consideration the local context. I am “Ideas for Action Action” to loudly raise the voices and to promote the initiatives of a winning, independent generation able meet all its challenges. Ideas for Action Africa, the solution of the African leaders of today and tomorrow.

Favorite quote

“Africa will always bring something new for the balance and well-being of the World.

African young people, let’s together make the World a better place for posterity through responsible actions.”

― Nandjim Tchalla