Marcellin N. Gandonou, V-P Network management


Residence: Cameroun – Home country: Benin – Languages: French, English, Fon, Goun

  • Delegate at the 1st Conference of Youth on Climate change and Sustainable development Goals in Kampala – Uganda
  • Delegate at the African Youth SDG Summit 2017 in Accra – Ghana
  • In progress Master degree in Governance and Regional Integration at the Pan-African University, Cameroon
  • Certified in (Université Laval MOOC) “Développement durable: Enjeux et trajectoires”
  • Master’s degree in Public Administration ; Bachelor in Public Administration
  • Master Degree in  Business Law

Why Ideas for Action Africa?

As a Beninese and a proud African, I believe that only collective actions can help us solve issues of our time. To this end, the continental organization, the African Union set a master plan for Africa’s development for the next 50 years; “Agenda 2063, The Africa We Want”. The Union acknowledges that Africa’s “young bulge” is one of the opportunities to be harnessed as it works towards a peaceful and more prosperous Africa over the next 50 years. The United Nations set a master plan for the next 15 years to combat climate change and end poverty. This is known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are 17 in total and taking into consideration that all SDGs are linked, I intend to focus much on SDG7 – Clean and Affordable energy.

Meanwhile, sustainability has a cost and Africa lacks the financial resources, technical capacity and global political clout to drive change on its own. It will require careful diplomacy and networking from today’s political leaders and the youth of today and tomorrow.

In the current setup of SDGs action, young people around the world are among those left behind, they tend to be among the first to embrace new ideas and innovations and they remain open to the idea of global solutions to global problems. Ideas for Action Africa (I4A) offers that choice to be part of bringing up ideas in the face of SDGs challenges in the African context.

My ambition for Ideas for Action Africa

My ambition for I4A is that its action aims to bring up ideas that will help solve issues as energy, health, education, food security, gender equality, poverty reduction, climate change and lower levels of unemployment among youths. 

Favorite Quote

“Climate Change is not a joke. It’s a threat to our future, and we, the youth today or tomorrow need to do something about it.”

– Marcellin N. Gandonou