Yves Agbannon, V-P Projects management


Residence: Benin – Home country: Benin – Languages: French, English, Fon

  • Independent consultant in Population and Development
  • Founder and Chairperson of the NGO Vies et Valeurs which is very implicated in fight against illegal migration and, diaspora mobilization
  • Initiator and operational manager of the the kwabo award dedicated to the foreign living Beninese and the Diaspora’s Project and Enterprises Exhibiion
  • Certified in teaching through the interactive web by the American English Institute of the University of Oregon
  • Master degree in Population Health and Development

Why Ideas for Action Africa?

I’ve always been open to contribute to evert actions and ideas targeting better solutions for an innovative and winning Africa connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I am thus here to join my will and energy to other valuable youths to work for a positive change on this continent.

My ambition for Ideas for Action Africa

Ideas for Action Africa will funnel concrete actions and practice that will improve everyday life of common Africans. If it could do this and help reach the goals and objective of the SDGs, some important paths should have been done to make poverty history and our generation should have done something great. Bringing as much ideas as possible in line with the 2030 agenda to life will be the best that should happen to us.

Favorite Quote

“Make your life a dream, and a dream, reality.”

– Yves Agbannon